The European Parliament (EP), often characterised as the voice of the people, is the legislative arm of the European Union, where Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are directly elected by EU citizens to represent them at the Union level. The European Parliament is composed of 751 seats, distributed among Member States based on their proportion of the EU population, and filled by MEPs who are within one of 7 political groups within the EP. Thus, participants who will be taking on the roles of MEPs will have moments when they are faced with the task of balancing the agenda of the political group they are a part of and the national interests which they represent.  

Participants will be debating on two agenda items that are significant in the current EU legislative cycle. The first topic that will be discussed is the Protection of Persons Reporting on the Breaches of Union law, which will center on providing safe channels for whistleblowers to report breaches and protecting them from issues such as retaliation. The second topic is that of the Establishment of a Framework to Facilitate Sustainable Investment, focusing on the debate around what does or does not count as sustainable in line with the environmental objectives relating chiefly to climate change, pollution, and the protection of ecosystems. MEPs will work towards amending pre-existing EU legislative proposals on these topics according to their competing visions for the future of Europe via debate and strategic maneuvering in the amendment writing process.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for the committee: Selin Kumbaracı – 

Academic Assistant responsible for the committee:  Atakan Çarkçı –

Agenda Item I: Protection of Persons Reporting on Breaches of Union Law

Agenda Item II: Establishment of a Framework to Facilitate Sustainable Investment