The European Union Military Committee (EUMC) was set up by the Council Decision on 22 January 2001 and is currently the highest military body within the Council of the European Union. The EUMC is also one of the many preparatory bodies set up by the Council’s acts. 

The EUMC’s responsibilities range from the planning of military operations to monitoring the accurate execution of the missions under the EU framework and Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP). Additionally, the EUMC oversees the military capability developments of Member States while also providing military advice and recommendations to the Political and Security Committee (PSC) in high cooperation with the European Union Military Staff. The EUMC is composed of the Chiefs of Defence (CHODs) of all 28 Member States. In the regular meetings, CHODs are represented by their permanent Military Representatives (MilReps). The Committee has a Chairman appointed for three years who is selected by the CHODs as well, and the Chairman represents the Committee in various other bodies and meetings. Meetings of the EUMC usually occur once a week, but if necessary, it meets rapidly in cases of urgent attention.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for the committee: Alper Durukan –

Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Nisa Demirtaş – 

Agenda Item I: Addressing the question of establishing a possible European Union Army

Agenda Item II: Reassessment of the current situation of Mediterranean Member States