Unfortunately, no. Neither Foreign Policy and International Relations Club nor EUROsimA provides any kind of scholarship to any applicant.

Yes, EUROsimA 2021 is open to anyone that is interested in Model European Union Simulations, speaks English, pays the conference fee and is able to obtain a visa and travel to Ankara/Turkey. The conference is open for high school and university students between the ages of 13-25, and we always welcome anyone who is eager to put effort. 

All that is required formally to participate is to complete the online registration upon, to get to the conference. In addition, participants should be familiar with the goals and intentions of a Model European Union Simulation conferences and with Rules of Procedure in general the exact Rules of Procedure for this specific conference are made available to the participants. We do not request a CV or other documentation.

Yes. EUROsimA 2021 conference and all information will be run and made available in English. Basic knowledge of Turkish can be helpful outside of the conference, but is not necessary to participate or to be successful.

Yes, and this applies to all attendees including the delegates, chairs, Secretariat and will also apply to all attendees during committee sessions, as well as during both the opening and closing ceremonies. This dress code is Western business attire, though other equivalent national attires are welcomed. Outside these events, apparel is entirely at the individual’s discretion, though we ask kindly that conference attendees dress respectfully during the entirety of the conference.

To apply as a chair, previous experience at least as a delegate is required. As the complexity of a committee advances, so does, however, the level of experience required from the chair.

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