“The Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland assembled” is the de facto parliament of the United Kingdom, where Members of Parliament belonging to ten different political groups will debate and vote their way through the Commons in order to conduct their primary responsibilities to draft and vote on bills which are made into laws, and to examine the work of the government. The origin of the House of Commons goes as far back as the 13th Century, and in this edition, Members of Parliament will find themselves in a post-Brexit time, the year 2021, where they will have to scrutinize Ministers, form common policies within their parties on controversial political issues, and have heated debates to convince their peers to vote in favour of their bills. The debate in the Commons will be a unique mixture of historical customs and courtesies, as well as an atmosphere of relative informality, a distinguishing feature of the Westminster Style. Participants will get to experience this authentic atmosphere through a variety of roles, ranging from a Minister to a Backbencher, and from the Leader of the Opposition to the Prime Minister himself.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for the committee: Sidar Aslanoğlu –

Crisis Director responsible for the committee: Oğuz Ceylan –

Academic Assistant responsible for the committee: Emre Yavuz – 

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